Case Masterplanti

Masterplanti is a company from Curitiba that develops systems for producers of seeds, ornamental plants, and horticulture. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of Igd Soluções and has been achieving significant results in southern, southeastern and mid-western Brazil.

The Challenge

In order to continue its innovation process and follow technological trends as its international competitors, the company has set as 2016 objective the adaptation of its product for web and mobile platforms. Such platforms offer a versatile and friendly user experience in addition to enabling more flexible and cost-effective business models. For this, quality assurance and testing processes would need to assimilate new technologies and increase agility. Therefore, the development and tests teams had to be urgently qualified.

Prime Control Participation

Prime Control was hired with the mission of speeding up the learning curve of the Masterplanti team in testing and automation practices on mobile and web platforms, using Microsoft Visual Studio.

The successful market experience as well as the portfolio that includes large customers sealed the choice of Prime Control as a partner. “We believe that Prime Control will be able to bring us a lot of information at this challenging time. “Fits like a glove,” says Igor Daniel Gabardo Gonçalves, Masterplanti’s CEO.

Prime Control provided systematic and practical training to the team, meeting the company’s management needs. “We did something very practical as a test laboratory. We wanted to reduce the theory and went hands on it,” says Igor. Prime Control introduced agile methodologies, test automation, and DevOps concepts and practices.


Prime Control training and consulting resulted in a great experience for the Marterplanti team that had as main gain the acquisition of knowledge to extract new resources from Microsoft’s tool package. Currently, the practices presented are in implementation and part of the results already is significant.

“Without this work with Prime Control we could have faced problems in the future. The company has brought us ideas and knowledge to avoid rework. ”

Igor Daniel Gabardo Gonçalves, CEO, Masterplanti.