Case The Beuty Box – Boticario Group

In 2012, the launch of the The Beauty Box brand and points of sale made it necessary to prepare a new technology and management infrastructure. Prime Control was chosen to ensure that the systems would meet their business needs.

The Challenge

In 2012, the launch of The Beauty Box brand and its new points of sale demanded needed the implementation of a new technology and management infrastructure. For this purpose, the Boticario Group combined multiple solutions from companies such as Totvs, Bematech, Esat, Microsoft, and Unous, among others. The different software and environments needed to be integrated to compose a functional, secure and high-availability system to support the new chain stores.

However, we were only 2 months away from the launch of operations, but the systems integration was not yet reliable and presented many failures and inconsistencies. Given the importance of the strategic goals and the emergency context, the Boticario Group sought Prime Control to perform tests and ensure software quality.

Prime Control Participation

Due to the great diversity of software solutions and the short time available, Prime Control set up a war room to speed up communications between the Boticario Group, developers, and test team. The lack of ready integrations for some of the solutions, and the significant differences between them would require long discussions and adaptations.

At high pace, many elements of the chain of operations were strictly tested. Among them: fiscal transactions, product registration and review, addressing, supply and inventory, promotions in their various types, follow-up of orders, payment types, delivery types, order tracking, product return processes, product search systems, reimbursement processes, etc.

“It was a very intense and challenging project. Prime Control embraced it as own. They spared no effort, from beginning to end. ”

Carlos Fabbro

TBB Market Systems Coordinator – Boticario Group


Prime Control’s performance was fundamental for the operations to successfully start on time and preserve the reputation of The Beauty Box brand. Every bug identified on time during the project meant a huge economy of tangible and intangible resources.

According to Carlos Fabbro, systems coordinator for the Boticario Group, Prime Control was chosen for being agile, offering great know-how in retail solutions, and high level of commitment.

Over 95% of them were also identified and corrected during the integrated tests phase, making the production roll-out process incident-free.

“At Prime Control we found a high level of commitment, in addition to testing competence. Its a partner that spares no effort to service and keep their promises. They never let us down. ”

Marcelo Moura

Information System Manager – Boticario Group

Project numbers

  • 28 Integrated Systems
  • 95% of bugs identified
  • 600+ test scenarios
  • 400+ bugs found