Case Unimed Paraná

In 2015, a change in the systems development methodology of Unimed Paraná generated, for the first time, the need to commission tests to an outsourced company. Prime Control was chosen to test a system module and provide consultancy to the software quality area for correcting routes and implementing new quality tools.


Unimed Paraná is a second degree cooperative consisting of all the other Unimed cooperatives of the state. In general, Unimed Paraná plays three roles: that of an integrating body, helping to define with the other units the relationship standards between them; as carrier, marketing health plans for large companies with branches throughout Parana according to rules that prevent competition with other local units; and as service provider that offers management solutions to local units. Unimed Paraná is responsible for the IT management system used by the 13 Unimed branches in the state.


In 2015, Unimed Parana IT Department changed their systems development methodology that was a challenge for the Quality Assurance team: how to proceed with tests in this new scenario? “At the time we were afraid that a test factory could not achieve a satisfactory quality level, as we did not know our business rules,” remembers Cristina Leal de Castro, Unimed Paraná IT manager. We decided to give it a try and looked in the market for a company that offered testing support. This initiative meant a breach of paradigms for a cooperative that until then used to conduct their own tests internally.


Prime Control, a company specialized in software testing, was selected to partner with Unimed Paraná in this new scenario. Cristina points out that “indications from other customers were fundamental in the selection process”.

Initially, Prime Control analysts met with Unimed Paraná IT team in order to identify issues related to system tests with the new methodology. Based on this, two lines of operation were defined. Firstly, consulting on agile tests. Secondly, test execution on a module, an integrated health plan management system developed by the Unimed Federation of the State of Paraná, as per the test factory model. The goal was to speed up the process and promote an exchange of knowledge among the teams.


At the end of the tests regarding, the IT department reached higher security levels for carrying out the process. According to Cristina, ” Prime Control offered a wider test variety than the internal team could offer”, increasing the quality of the delivery. In parallel, Prime Control brought maturity, and deeper knowledge to the team, suggestions of tools, and a series of improvements that are being implemented by Unimed Paraná.

This first experience with Prime Control was assessed as very positive by Unimed Paraná IT department as it showed that it is possible to carry out tests with an outsourced partner as long as the test factory is committed to the success of the project.

As key factors of the project’s success, Prime Control is committed to understanding the business and takes assertive attitude for problem solving. This positive assessment created the chance for the cooperative to demand new services. In 2016, the partnership between Prime Control and Unimed Parana is renewed with the approval of the CRM system being implemented in the city of Cascavel.

“What I find most important in the relationship with Prime Control is the assertive attitude for problem solving. There is great involvement and commitment on the part of Prime Control and their seriousness is a very positive factor”

Cristina Leal de Castro
IT Manager, Unimed Paraná.