DevSecOps Engineering

DevSecOps is the perfect harmony between development, security and operations that reduces time-to-market and increases applications’ quality and security. Quality, security and speed are also important in the present market for any company wishing to keep competitive and preserve its brand reputation. To ensure all this, organizations try to leverage synergy in a free and continuous flow between such areas.

Diagrama do DevSecOps

Ideal DevSecOps requires a set of culture, tools and practices to make continuous deliveries possible. We call this process implementing quality engineering for DevSecOps.

DevSecOps implementation is especially important when there is:

  • Growing need for developing / implementing cloud-based applications;
  • The need for simultaneous developments for different platforms;
  • Business pressure to launch releases more quickly for production;
  • The need for greater collaboration between development and operations teams;
  • Growing infrastructure complexity;
  • Growing concern with information security;

Prime Control has been helping many customers achieve the DevSecOps model with services:

  • Continuous and automated quality monitoring;
  • Automated provision of virtual test environments;
  • Standardization of processes, models, guidelines and checklists for DevSecOps;
  • Integration of automation solutions;
  • Training for the use of tools;

DevSecOps Excellence

There is no single model for DevSecOps. The best model for your company will be created by your team in an inclusive, participative, and incremental way. DevSecOps is an ideal, where development, security and operations work in a synergic manner, delivering value with security, quality and agility.

Prime Control has the best talents and procedures for continuous integration technologies, continuous tests, continuous delivery, and agile methodologies. We orient, facilitate, lead, and standardize efforts to ensure time to market improvement with DevSecOps. We also focus on improving quality and higher operational efficiency. Our experts have large experience in integrated continuous tests and are able to set up and operate many tools such as Agile GO, Cruise Control, Chef, Puppet, Microsoft TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, and Hudson, among others.

We provide a set of services such as:

  • DevSecOps Assessment: evaluation of the current state of process and tools by comparing to early DevSecOps models.
  • DevSecOps Implementation: facilitation and implementation of processes, frameworks and tools with focus on the DevSecOps ideal.
  • Orchestration of test automation: implementation of end-to-end tests for continuous tests that connect to continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions.
  • Tool analysis and recommendation: identifying tools best adapted to your needs in order to speed up your software delivery.

DevSecOps Testing

Continuous tests are a key component for the DevSecOps model. This requires experts including the nuances of continuous tests and optimized end-to-end automation for quality and speed. We contribute to the implementation of DevSecOps by providing solutions for automated testing procedures. The quick feedback provided by continuous tests is a fundamental piece for quality, agility and security gains.

Our experts master the DevSecOps model and are ready to help implement it in your organization. Having a structure linked to the ideal DevSecOps will free your team to reach high performance.

DevSecOps Benefits

Our experts will enable your company to:

  • Speed up the release of applications for production;
  • Define priorities for generating value for the company and end users;
  • Receive continuous feedback and improvements in all stages of software development cycle;
  • Improve efficiency in the use of resources;
  • Promote a collaborative environment for all processes;
  • Integrate processes along the development cycle in a fluid and safe manner;