Quality defines the results

It is with this basic premise that Prime Control grows. The performance and results companies achieve in an increasingly digital world are proportional to the quality of their applications, websites, integrations, and an entire set of technological solutions. So Prime Control is dedicated to increasing and protect the success of technological projects through automation, continuous testing, quality assurance, DevSecOps, and the implantation of agile methods.

Prime Control was acknowledged by Deloitte as one of the fastest PMEs in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, it was acknowledged a leader and “rising star” in the ISG Provider LensTM report. In its portfolio, large accounts like Boticário Group, Vivo, Unimed, PagBank, C&A, BRF, among others. With headquarters in Curitiba and an office in São Paulo, Prime Control has more than 200 professionals specialized in software quality, automation, and agility.

PMEs 2019

Our values in Prime Control culture

This is how we do things around here! In all we do and praise, these values need to be present, strong and unshakable. We look for people who share these same values and have the desire to change the world for the better.

Together we build our legacy

At Prime Control, power is in the strength of the community. We believe that sharing knowledge, celebrate new achievements and being together with our team promotes cooperation among us. That’s why we like to know each one working with us, understand what they have to offer, value their skills, and put them in the right places. Keeping the team integrated around decisions contributes to the great transformations with everyone’s support, and this is very important for us to build a great legacy.

Your journey builds our history

Recognizing the importance of your role at Prime Control means to embrace a mission. Based on your commitment, dedication, leadership, and values we can exceed our customers’ expectations and build a stronger team that is focused on quality.

Our differences make us unique

Respect each employee’s profile and right to be who they are, is a value we don’t do without. Our team is made of unique people, and we respect diversity that makes us better. For us, your opinions, suggestions, and initiatives are very important. We always seek to understand everyone’s needs by listening, understanding, supporting, and talking face to face.

Customer success is our fuel

Overcoming expectations is in our DNA. We are passionate about understanding our customers’ needs and enthusiastic about meeting each one of them. Our success is achieved through the continued training of our team combined with the search for innovative ways to deliver quality solutions. That’s why we take very seriously the goal of turning our professionals into experts. Together we are tireless in the search for customer success.

Data is our guide

At Prime Control we walk down the path side by side. We believe that data democracy empowers people and make decision-making more assertive. That’s why our commitment is to include everyone in this mission so that we can measure and achieve strategic results.

You are our priority

At Prime Control you are our priority. That is why we encourage and develop everyone’s potentials by trying to understand their needs and make their journey as good as possible.

We are a relatively young company: we were founded in 2008. During this short period we have already won customers who are market leaders. We are present in giants in the domestic market. Every year we achieved expressive growth.