QA – Software Quality Assurance Check-up

Software Quality Assurance Check-up

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Are your users satisfied with your company's solutions?

The NPS satisfaction Index of technology companies is 35

This number is well below several other industries. There is a lot of room for improvement.

How is the reputation of your applications and brand?

40% of APPs have a score equal to or less than 3

Many companies launch their applications without proper testing coverage. The result is a negative reputation in the stores and the market.

Does your e-commerce lose conversions due to technical problems?

More than 70% of companies have been losing business due to technical problems

Instabilities, or confusing interface are the main causes.

The quality of your applications
sets the success of your business
In an increasingly digital world, having good testing
practices and software quality is a competitive advantage.

Your team can

Does your team use best continuous delivery practices? Detecting and reducing bottlenecks and friction points it is possible to enhance the deliveries of updates and corrections.

Your team can

Does your team use best practices for preventing instabilities, reducing bugs, and improving usability? These are the main causes of losses of users. Do not let system problems bring losses to your business.

Transformação Ágil

Your team can

Changes are part of business. Being agile is to quickly respond to changes. Does your team use best agile development practices? Agile development, when correctly applied, makes the entire team focus on generating value, matching user and business needs.

Check up your
Software Quality Assurance practices!
Good practices evolve. To remain competitive you need to promote change. Your team can do more! But for that, you need to challenge them to go further. Check up your Quality Assurance Tests and Software practices to know the evolution path.

Promote a quality culture within your team

With constant monitoring of software testing and quality practices, your team will be transformed. Quality will become a culture, and with that you will have the most valuable competitive advantage in the digital age.

Prime Control Check-up is strategic

Check-ups allow you to demonstrate the evolution of your team both inside and outside. They are an efficient way to guide, measure, validate and promote the maturity gain of application development and support teams.


Check the brands that trust Prime Control to check their development, tests and software quality practices.

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Agile Maturity
Bugs Handling
Security practices
Continuous Treadmill
QA Indicators

your team’s evolution

One of the Agile premises is continued learning and alignment. The Software Quality Check-up, in addition to directing its evolution, also allows to measure it on several items. This is a very positive management practice that puts your team on a continued improvement path.