Mobile Testing

According to a recent IBGE research, smartphones have become the main Internet access device in Brazil. However, many websites, e-commerce and web interface applications are still inconsistent with such devices. For e-commerce, the loss can be very significant since in some cases, access made from mobile phones and tablets can represent over 50% of total visitors.

For apps and responsive websites, concepts such as usability and user experience (UX) are especially important. With the large variety of screen sizes, the interface needs to be carefully tested.

Mobile test

Another particularity of app and website tests is to come to the lowest possible weight, since 3G and 4G connections suffer severe performance oscillations. Loading speed has a strong impact on user experience.

Finally, another condition that needs to be predicted by developers and then rigorously tested is the great diversity of hardware and operating systems versions for mobile devices. There are thousands of devices on the market that had their Android systems modified by manufacturers. The performance difference between processors, availability of RAM memory and storage should also be considered.

Finally, executives need to pay attention to tests for mobile devices in order to preserve the brand’s image, be it for large companies or startups. Poorly tested apps and websites result in a negative impact on social media and app stores.

Prime Control performs tests for hundreds of mobile devices, be it Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Count on us to test apps, websites and web applications.