Test Plant

The Prime Control test factory is a turn-key solution that quickly puts at your company disposal a team specialized in testing with appropriate culture and established processes.

In the test factory service model our teams can be assigned either to the contracting party’s or Prime Control’s according to the the project’s needs. Teams assigned to Prime Control offer setup agility, good performance, and consolidated methods. Teams assigned to customers allow for greater involvement in the project and a more agile communication. Therefore, both formats have particularities that should be considered at the time of contracting.

The main advantage of a test factory is that it constitutes a self-managed team with its procedures adjusted to the type of operation. Scenarios and test plans are improved to ensure the quality of the tests.

A test factory can work in all stages of development, thus reducing the occurrence of bugs and improving the overall software structure. The sooner a test factory is involved in the project, the higher the quality of the final product and the lower the costs with corrections and operation interruptions.


  1. Turn-key solution
  2. Self-managed teams
  3. Established processes
  4. Appropriate culture and environment
  5. Test scenarios library
  6. Improves the software structure
  7. Prevents the emergence of bugs
  8. Reduces costs with corrections
  9. Reduces costs with interruptions
  10. Contracting flexibility


Any type of test can be performed in the Test Factory modality. See the most common types requested from Prime Control:

  • Functional tests
  • Regression tests
  • Security tests
  • Usability tests
  • Stress/performance tests
  • Environment tests
  • Implementation tests


As systems become larger and more complex test automation is a growing necessity. A quick and efficient way to protect systems’ operation. Prime Control test factory can help you in automation projects by generating automated test scripts and routines.

Manual tests are also necessary to test functionalities that depend on analysis and discernment. A test factory adds professionals qualified to do so. At Prime Control we verticalize our operations so that our professionals work in segments they already are experienced in.


The Prime Control test factory is able to work in projects managed either with agile or typical methodologies. Due to the great variety of companies, systems and projects in which they operate, our professionals seek the perfect adjustment to customer operations.

At the beginning of the demand, our managers actively seek to identify the particularities of the project management model practiced by the client and they expand it to the team.