Load Test, Performance Test

Great marketing and sales actions generate peaks of access to website and systems. If not well prepared, they may suffer interruptions of service and serious slowdowns. This harms the customer’s experience with the brand, and generates overloads and interpersonal conflicts.

The Stress test (also called load test, or performance test) is the best way to check whether your systems are prepared for operation peaks.

The graph illustrates how some of the performance tests are carried out. Response times are measured for every volume of accesses. Acceptance criteria vary according to the type of project and customer’s need.

How are load or performance tests carried out?

Firstly, the main operations carried out in the systems are mapped together with the customer and those that require more resources are identified. Then automation scripts are created to simulate simultaneous operations by multiple users. Such scripts will be strategically executed and can focus on the performance of the application, database, environment, or networks.

Also together with the customer, and preferably based on previous statistics, the volume of expected peak access is estimated to establish a reference value. Tests will then simulate amounts equal to, less than, and higher than such reference, measuring the systems’ response time in each scenario.

This way, administrators will have a reliable view of the load supported by their systems and infrastructure. They may even use the results as a comparison basis for implementing updates and improvements.

Are your systems prepared?

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