Testing & Automation
Solutions for SAP

Hyper-automation and continuous tests are key to reduce costs and increase the quality of your SAP solutions.

Postponed Go-lives, additional costs with projects’ change requests, and additional hours of AMS. Fines for tax obligations delayed or delivered with wrong information. Loss of control over requests transportation. Suspend in go/no-go meetings. Great fear of upgrading SAP, and of meeting the QA or audit team.

All this can be cleared via the right tests and automation procedures. You are not alone in this journey. Prime Control has several cases that will expand your possibilities and bring control back to your hands.

Prime Control is an official SAP partner and offers tests, quality assurance and hyper-automation. We’ve worked on several quality assurance projects, with methodologies, techniques and tools for automated tests and RPA.

Our customers acknowledge Prime Control as a fundamental partner in the necessary quality assurance, so that they can become and remain as intelligent, agile and different companies. Know our cases.

Testing Services for SAP

SAP platforms are worldwide recognized for their trustworthiness. However, aggregate customizations, integrations and solutions may contain vulnerability and cause interruptions of operations that generate large material and intangible losses.

You are not safe without a solid layer of tests in your SAP projects and support. Bugs, rollbacks, postponed Go-lives are just the surface of the problem. You will have to deal with growing user dissatisfaction, operation interruptions, and pressure for update releases.

If you are afraid to publish updates, if there is suspense in the air during the go/no-go meetings, it’s time for you to review your quality practices and software testing.

Prime Control has a team of SAP test and quality experts. Talk to us to significantly reduce bugs and calls, expand the coverage of tests and structure all your quality management.

  • Reducing key users’ test time;
  • Reducing costs and impacts by errors identified only in production;
  • Reduction of cost with stops or lack of profile to test;
  • People with clinical eye;
  • Higher test coverage;
  • More sophisticated tests./li>
  • SAP cases with large companies: BRF, Boticário e Alpargatas;
  • Experience with global EHP (Enhancement Package) migration;
  • Experience with SAP API performance tests;
  • Use of SAP accelerators;
  • Adoption of agile practices;
  • Consultant’s attitude;

You are not safe without a solid layer of tests in your SAP projects and support

RPA and Hyper-automation for SAP

Hyper-automation and RPA have already proven their value in several departments, segments and technologies. It could not be different on the SAP platform. This is an agile, simple and accessible way to reduce costs and scale processes. With simple language, it is often easier to develop and maintain robots instead of developing and maintaining customized modules through specialized consulting.

Hyper-automation consists of a set of tools and resources that allow for automated routines, repetitive and predictable tasks. RPA and IA (Intelligent Automation) are just some of the automation options that can be applied to your processes.

Prime Control has several ready-made automations and, if necessary, can create a fully customized robot to integrate to your company’s SAP platform. Hyper-automation is especially useful to integrate or migrate legacy systems and validate large volumes of data. Talk to our consultants and get to know other ways to increase your team’s efficiency.

  • Reducing costs with personnel performing repetitive tasks;
  • More focus and time on tactical and strategic analyses;
  • Higher speed in process execution, 24/7 operation;
  • Elimination of errors caused by users’ manual actions;
  • Reducing the operations risk;
  • Easiness to calculate and justify ROI.
  • Experienced in SAP automation with large companies;
  • Ready to use robots;
  • In addition to our RPA specialty, we also have SAP module consultants and experts;
  • Adoption of agile practices;
  • Consultant’s attitude;

Quality assurance with
Solution Manager and CBTA

  • We take advantage of the Test Suite potential;
  • We adopted the CBTA module: SAP automated test tool;
  • There is no need for additional costs with licensing;
  • Native integration with Solution Documentation;
  • Compatibility: SAP GUI, SAP UI5, Fiori, Web Dynpro, BSP, CRM Web UIs.

Our SAP team:

  • Test experts + SAP Specialists;
  • +15 years of experience in SAP projects;
  • International experience: projects for 16 different countries;
  • Various segments;
  • Fluency for care in English, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • Experience with multiple modules/products/SAP technologies.