Several companies are investing in the DevOps model. Perfect integration between development and operations brokered by a layer of automated and agile tests is the only way to protect competitiveness in the midst of digital transformation. Prime Control offers all the necessary expertise for the gradual implementation of the DevOps model.


Recent research indicates that 84% of companies do not exploit the full potential of recent productivity technologies in tests and QA. This is due mainly to the lack of inside knowledge to conduct and execute projects involving DevOps practices and test automation. Prime Control counts on experienced professionals to guide you.


We carry out in-company trainings tailor-made to your team’s needs about development methodologies, ALM tools, development tools, test automation tools, with both paid and OpenSources solutions. Contact us and we will be pleased to deploy in your company all the necessary know-how for your projects.


Prime Control has a complete software quality management model for your company including methodologies, monitoring tools, reports and dashboards with managerial and executive visions. This allows for processes optimization, better definition of SLAs, and a substantial improvement in the management of your application portfolio.


Generally speaking, companies sub-use their application life-cycle management solutions, ALMs. Prime Control offers training and support as necessary to extract all the potential of such tools as SAP Solman, ALM HP, and Microsoft, among others.


The advance of agile methodologies and the adoption of DevTest and DevOps practices are posing new challenges for managers. Managers in turn, face difficulties to conciliate the new and the traditional, while disseminating new knowledge and stimulating a new culture. Prime Control can assist in this process through training, tools and ready-to-use resources.