RPA is not just trend. It’s a revolution!

In the 70s and 80s robots revolutionized production in several sectors taking over much of the complex or risky tasks. With the recent advances in machine learning and automation tools, robots have reached offices and can significantly increase the quality and productivity of your team.

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a valuable technology in the search for greater business productivity and quality. It is being identified as the main way for increasing performance while reducing costs. It is one of the most adopted technologies for mid-sized and large companies worldwide.

How RPA works

RPA automation acts as an operator using a computer or virtual machine. It interacts directly with the systems interface by moving mouses, clicking on elements, simulating the typing of a content. Therefore, to implement RPA it is not necessary to make changes to your systems’ interface or API, which may be on any platform: desktop, web, Windows, DOS, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

Taking a step beyond traditional automation (in which a list of tasks is created through a script), RPA allows for the configuration of more sophisticated actions that do not need to be restricted to a single program, and also for continuous learning through machine learning. The robot learns and improves its interaction with the interface and can even make some objective decisions.

RPA Benefits

One of the most evident benefits of RPA is the release of employees from performing repetitive tasks that require little or no thinking but that are still necessary. With the automation of these tasks, they will be able to direct their focus and energy to other activities.

Another advantage of putting certain tasks into the hands of a machine is the reduction of errors because even the most dedicated and focused professional is prone to making mistakes after long hours doing the same activity.

RPA is of great value to interconnect systems, especially legacy ones. Since it is capable of operating any platform or interface, it can integrate into any system with agility and trustworthiness. RPA is also much used to validate and monitor the data consistency and integrity in a process, thus preventing errors.

If programed correctly, and with higher information processing speed, robot tend to perform tasks considerably quicker than human beings. This way productivity grows.

benefícios do RPA Robotic Process Automation

What can be automated with RPA

There is a number of tasks an RPA can perform. Here are some of them:

  • Accounts receivable collection
  • Order processing
  • Updating customer profiles
  • Sending notifications
  • Issuance of compliance reports
  • Database checks
  • Collection of information

If a process can be performed by a human being by using a computer and does not demand thinking or creativity, such process can be automated.

Implementing RPA

With the use of RPA the ROI can be measured relatively easy. In the calculation, it should be observed not only the savings in terms of working hours and resources, but also the reduction of errors and operational risks.

Start by redesigning processes, identifying triggers, deadlines, infrastructure, risks, data structures, and business rules. Since a robot is much more agile than a human being, its infrastructure may need updates.

Please note that RPA will greatly increase the processes performance. This will have to be discussed and aligned with all departments. After all, there will always be a person who will need to proceed with actions.

RPA with Prime Control

Improving the consumer experience and operational excellence through RPA – this is what Prime Control offers to your business.

Although the concept of the tool is relatively simple, implementation is a complex task as it involves alignment with the business activities in terms of processes, policies and culture.

What processes can be automated in your company? How to carry out such implementation in a gradual and organized manner? How to train your team to take advantage of the RPA benefits?

With the excellence present in all the solutions it offers, Prime Control has the answers to these and other questions. Contact us, make an appointment with one of our representatives and see how we can help your business achieve better results.