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Good practices evolve. To remain competitive you need to promote change. Your team can do more! But for that, you need to challenge them to go further. Check up your Quality Assurance Tests and Software practices to know the evolution path.

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Check our cases and know how automation, business agility, security and quality assurance services are driving our customers to digital transformation.

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Brazil’s 2nd Best Growing Small and Medium Sized Enterprise

Deloitte and EXAME magazine carried out the 13th edition of the research “Brazil’s Best Growing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”. The selection process had 258 companies from all regions of Brazil. Prime Control was highlighted and won the first place.

Boosted by Endeavor

Prime Control was one of the scale-ups selected by Endeavor, the world’s largest organization to support high-impact entrepreneurs, to participate in the acceleration Scale-Up Endeavor Parana 2020.

Excellent place to work

After a broad research carried out by the GPTW Institute, Prime Control was elected in 2020 by its own Prime Heroes an “excellent place to work”.

Leader at the ISG Provider Lens™

The study ISG Provider LensTM Next-Gen Application Development & Maintenance Services 2021 – Brazil ranked Prime Control as a Leader in Continuous Testing Specialists.



Since 2011, Prime Control has been helping the Boticario Group to deliver better solutions to its franchise network and customers. We took part in critical missions and continuously carry out thousands of tests in retail systems and integrations. See the testimony: